Friday, October 14, 2011

Foster the People- My New Crush

Foster the People

I have a new band crush. And yes, they may end up as a fad. Normally, I would reject any notion of a fake pop indie band but this group is fun and delightful. Surprisingly I am moved by their latest effort and their singing with emotion.

On Saturday Night Live, Foster the People gave a noteworthy performance; their energy was electric. Their belief in the music made the audience more enthusiastic. There was singing with emotion and maracas playing and head bobbing that was infectious.

Their music is a mix of rock,alternative and dance/ euro electronica but they somehow make it more than just a odd blend of music.

After this performance my respect grew so I checked out YouTube and found several live performances. Foster the People is that unique band that is just fun to watch. My crush on this band is both because they are an attractive group but also they are so entertaining.  It's fun to have a musical crush every now and then.

This is definitely the band to watch. Check out their smash hit, Pumped Up Kicks.  I know this is not my normal singing with emotion type of artist, but emotional singing is not always slow music.

I just hope the crush on the music does not wear thin.  Til then I will enjoy the radio play and getting to know this band.