Friday, April 6, 2012

Who is Richgirl?

Every generation has it's boy band or female ensemble group.  From The Supremes to Destiny's Child, we have loved and grown with our favorite girl group; we've even watched a house burn down, a solo star be born and girls come and go in the same group.  

But we can always use a great girl group who has a fire and tenacity that is spunky, fun and powerful.  Women do rule the world.  And if any female group is worth taking the crown of En Vogue and TLC while remaining sophisticated ladies, it's RICHGIRL.  

Their harmonies and sheer vocal talent is amazing.  They can sing, no sang live and each girl is a good soloist. This girl's really know how to sing.

RICHGIRL is currently touring in Europe. I need this group to make it here next.  I love them and can't wait for their success.