Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chris Brown- dancer or singer

Chris Brown - dancer or singer

I have to say that I honestly enjoy Chris Brown. He's a fun kid that seems to have endless energy. In fact, the music is so contagious that I find myself giving everything he does a try.

But the question always remains is he a dancer or singer. I refuse to argue he might be both. Michael Jackson was both. But everyone else pales in comparison. So Brown is no different. He is either a dancer or a singer.

And judging by his live performances as a late, he is leaning to being a better dancer than singer.  He tends to record a lot of his live performances.  But I will say I was Chris Brown live is very good.  I was him on his first headline tour.  If i were to give a him a free singing tip I would suggest he continue the live spots he did in the first tour.

It was impressive and exciting to see a pop performer sing live.  If this tend does not continue, I am afraid Brown will never live up to his Michael Jackson wish.  He will simply be a a dancer.