Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sutton Foster- the Voice of Musical Theater

I am still stuck on watching the clip on youtube for Anything Goes.  It's so great, there are no words.  The funny thing is her rise to fame and success is nothing short of amazing.  She has originated roles on Broadway and more importantly won 2 Tonys and nominated several other times.

Anything Goes, Foster delivers her triple threat awesomeness more than any other. I mean its so amazing here breathing and singing.  She dances, taps, jumps around and still delivers an amazing voice.

It's no wonder Foster is the golden child of Broadway.

My only regret is I haven't gotten a chance to see her in person.  But the showcase on YouTube shows just how amazing her talent is.  Her singing and breathing and tapping are extraordinary.

Excited to see what she'll do next.