Thursday, October 27, 2011

Missing Shania Twain

Shania Twain is and was the best selling country music female star. She stormed onto the country music scene in the the late 90s and ushered country pop all around the world. She is a brilliant and gorgeous pop star but her depth as a singer songwriter is her true beauty. She has a once in a lifetime quality that makes her relevant today and tomorrow.

When you listen to her slow songs, you hear how to sing high and how to sing high notes.  She is just so smooth and sweet, it melts your heart. It's not just the singing with emotion, it's the feeling behind her voice.

She has a clever, naughty sex appeal in her voice that is both loving and sad.  You feel what she feels.  You are just as vulnerable, or just as in love.

Songs like, Woman in Me, You're still the One, I'm Jealous, I Ain't Going Down are just a few examples of the singing with feeling that enters your soul and won't let go.

Her recent news in the headlines tells of her private journey that is sad and triumphant.  I hope there is so great music that will come from her past few tumultuous years.

I just looked up her fan page and was she is performing at Las Vegas this winter for the next two years.

I will be there Ms. Twain.