Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's about time for a new Robin Thicke LP

Robin Thicke- Love After War

I just bought Robin Thicke's latest album.  So far the songs are growing on me, his voice is more mature and still so soulful.  this effort comes with the simultaneous release of his wife's, Paula Patton's, new movie Mission Impossible.

Watch the video, it's extra hot and they both are edging for best looking couple in America.

Back to the music.  If you think about Thicke has had quite a journey in music.  His first album was a rock/ Jimmy Hendrix-esque effort that produced a major hit, but his image and long hair and his race didn't move him into the hearts of the massive R&B audience.

With the Evolution of Robin Thicke, he struck gold with Lost Without You.  The album was a beautiful traditional R&B love album.  Now, on his fifth effort it is clear, Thicke is continuing to push both the classic R7B sound and the more rock/ harder edge sound.

What is also clear is the man has chops.  He does not need any singing tips.  He should be showing, no schooling us how to sing  and how to sing high notes and even how to sing falsetto.  He does it with such as ease.

By the way, I saw him live in the Beyonce tour.  His voice blew me away.  The man is seriously talented.

Not sure yet, how Love and War will stack up to his first two albums, but I am already craving a few tracks, All Tied Up, An Angel On Each Arm and especially Love After War.

til next time.