Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Katy Perry

Katy Perry- I love her, but she sing live not so much

Live performance is key to vocal authority. Does Katy Perry have the vocal authority to be both a great performer and singer?

Katy Perry is a force to be reckoned with.  As the music business is changing and sales are changing, Perry is crafting a success that is global and smart.  She stays under the radar by not being too controversial or too pop or too much of anything. She seems to be doing just enough.

She uses the media well without over saturation.  She just had 5 number ones from her last release, Teenage Dream.  Her videos and performances are so exciting and monumental. She is on the bark of becoming one the most influential artists in music.

Creativity and songwriting she has proven. however she has struggled on the live performance. The Victoria Secret show last year where she sang live was a great spectacles but lacked the vocal range of her recordings. At the debut of her album, Perry did a live concert on David Letterman.  Again, she could have used a few singing tips and work with a vocal coach to make sure she matched the record.

I have never seen a solid live performance from Katy.  I think she be served by voice lessons and vocal instruction.

When you listen to Perry on the radio or the computer, you are inclined to move, dance and sing along.  Her music is infectious and thoughtful because at it's core we can relate.  I just wish that emotion and skill were more evident in the live performance.

P.S. i just started following Katy Perry on twitter.  She is supercool.

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