Sunday, December 18, 2011

Maxwell-an underrated Marvin Gaye

Maxwell- an underrated Marvin Gaye

If Maxwell is to ever truly get the credit he deserves, he will be listed as one of the best vocalists in music history. He can do things with his voice only a vocal coach can to help with.

What makes Maxwell stand out is his ability to evoke emotion while singing. He makes you fell every word that is being said. It is magical because he is transferring you the listener to another place. You feel the singing with emotion as if you are there.

Songs like This Woman's Work and Pretty wings are great examples of both vocal talents and singing with emotion. Maxwell balances his strong falsetto and mmix voice with a deep baritone that resonates and makes you wish you culled sing like that.

If You really wanna know my opinion is Maxwell is the best male vocalist is music. He is able todo things with his voice that many men cannot. He is like Marvin Gaye because only Maxwell really sings from his soul and makes you wanna have sex, feel his longing and pains and makes you wanna make a difference all in one.

If you ever want to sound like a singer, Maxwell is where it starts.

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