Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I had a dream with Beyonce

I Had a Dream with Beyonce....

Okay, It wasn't that kind of dream.  What had happened was....

I was the set of her new video.  As a model and background dancer for Beyonce, I was desperately trying to win favor with the illustrious Destiny's Child lead singer.

I worked my way into her inner circle, to find out she is a cool girl.  She just seemed like a bitch because she was like so many of us keeping people way by seeming more aloof and more evil so people would not all try to befriend her.

So at the end of the dream the video was a success.  Her voice was phenomenal of course. and yes, even in my dreams she seemed perfect.

I have to admit, she seemed a little too perfect.  I think my plan in the the dream was to infiltrate her inner circle and expose her for- .....  That's the problem ever time i have the dream i don't know what to expose her for.  She's to perfect. Great vocalist. Great performer. Great live singer. Pretty. Beautiful. (not so great actress, but she is a movie star, sort of.)

Oh well, Beyonce til next time. I will figure out your weakness.

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