Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where is the BOSS? That's Ms. ROSS!!!

the definitive Ms. Ross

the beautiful icon
 Known for changing gowns throughout a show.  Ms. Ross is the Boss.

Diana Has not always been the best singer.  But she is a great performer.  In fact, she doesn't need singing tips, she just turns the microphone to the audience to sing if she forgets a word or it's too high of a high note for older voice.

 I got to see her about 2 years ago in a Live series.  She blew the crowd away with her timeless songs and extravagant looks,  

The question is will she or won't she have another album or tour.  Ross has accomplished so much that she doesn't have to do another thing but i can hope.

I look forward to the next Diana experience whatever might come to us.  
I 've always been a big fan.  

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