Wednesday, October 5, 2011

George Michael- a great voice

George Michael- a great voice

I caught an old Wham! song on the radio yesterday and was so excited because it made me think a a more youthful time for myself.  But better, it made me think of how spectacular hearing his voice is. I mean, he just has one of those voices.  Remember Everything She Wants or Careless Whisper.  Those were classic displays of vocal charm and talent.

From the beginning, it was clear that George Michael would leave Wham! for a solo career.  It was also clear that his charm wasn't just the pop music and sex symbol status that he acquired but it was the talent both as a songwriter and better his talent as a singer that will be his mark to music.

His debut solo album was smash hit worldwide. Faith was a strong debut.  It was filled with I Want Your Sex, Faith, and Monkey which were solid hits.  The latter two went to No. 1 on the charts.  The commercial success and great pop vocals were definitely there on those songs, but its One More Try and Father Figure where you hear his voice lessons and singing with emotion come alive.

The ballads show his real vocal chops.  He is a master at emotional singing and his artistry with vocal savvy phrasing.  Its hard to know how to improve singing with practice but Michael sure makes it's seem effortless. His does not look like he has to practice, but as an true vocal artist you can tell he must.

He has the ability to capture all the soul and life experience as he sings on those tracks.  It was so awesome to hear him on the radio last week belting a familiar tune.  It made met think of the latter years where George Michael really laid a great vocal list of tracks.

His 2nd effort was a cry to be viewed as an artist and the pop tracks definitely get under your skin and continue to showcase his voice.  Songs like Freedom '90 and Too Funky and Waiting for that Day were hits, but Michael lost a portion of the fanfare he gathered from the early years.

As Michael continued to seek artist validation Older  LP were released with led track Jesus to a Child.  It was a melancholy tribute that is nearly 7 minutes long and beautifully song; it invokes a time when singers sing with emotion and the definition of how to sing high notes.

Through his long career and many controversy, my favorite album and tracks are on the Patience LP.  Here George Michael finally has an album where the blend of pop and ballad is less obvious.  It has the vocal talents of an experienced professional.  And it does not disappoint with the same emotion and sentiment that makes Michael unique.

If you listen to Amazing, Cars and Trains and Round Here, you find Michael at he very best.

Now if you want to hear Michael you can get information and free downloads from his website.

Cheers to George Michael who is a pop vocalist and not a pop star.  Cheers showing male vocalist how to improve your singing by not letting the fame and fortune go to your head, by continuing the practice of artistry.


Little known fact... Wham! was the first Western artist to embark on a China explosion tour that was documented by the film Foreign Skies: Wham! in China.

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